October 3, 2022

Best Epoxy Resin Types for Your Resin Art

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Best Epoxy Resin Types for Your Resin Art

If you’re thinking of creating an art piece with epoxy resin in UAE, it’s important to choose the right epoxy resin type. These materials have different strengths and should be compatible with one another. Additionally, you should choose a product that won’t yellow or damage your finished project, as the sun can affect the color of some materials. Listed below are the best types of epoxy. Read on to find out more.


It would help if you also thought about the materials you will be used to cover your work. While you’re choosing the right epoxy resin type, be sure to choose one that’s self-leveling. This kind will automatically level itself without any extra work on your part. However, you may still want to use painter’s tape to protect the surface. This type of epoxy resin is more fluid than other options, so you should be cautious about its application.

Liquid epoxy:

You can use liquid epoxy as the adhesive if you’re making jewelry. A liquid epoxy will work just as well. This type of epoxy will cure in as little as 72 hours. A quick cure will ensure that your resin doesn’t turn yellow. Alternatively, you can use a solvent-free, UV-protected resin. These resins don’t react with other materials and will be safe to use in the long run.

A good primer for making beautiful and durable epoxy art will help you avoid the frustration of a poor-quality product. You should also read instructions on using different types of epoxy resin. These resins can be used to make river tables, coasters, and other decor items. You can purchase high-quality products from reputable brands and save money. Buying cheap epoxy isn’t essential if you’re a beginner.

Low-viscosity and high-viscosity:

The best epoxy resins are low-viscosity and high-viscosity. The lower viscosity resins are easier to work with and have longer working times. In addition to the basic types of epoxy, there are also several kinds of UV resins. These are great for painting on a curved surface, and you can mix pigments and glitters in them. They’re also UV-resistant, but they tend to fade in direct sunlight.

You should be aware of choosing the right epoxy resin type for your art. If you’re creating a resin art piece, make sure it doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds or solvents. In addition, look for a product with UV filters. These filters prevent the epoxy from yellowing or clouding, which can damage your artwork. If you’re working with acrylic paint, look for a resin with a UV filter.