May 26, 2024

Types of Metal Fabrication Processes

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Types of Metal Fabrication Processes

Various types of metal fabrication processes can be used by metal fabrication companies in UAE to make various metal parts. Drawing is a common process that involves tensile force to pull the metal and create thin shapes. On the other hand, deep drawing involves a deep structure with a radius equal to the depth of the hole. This process is most commonly used to make wires. Extrusion is another popular method for creating complex shapes and excellent surface finishes.


Punching is a common metal fabrication process that utilizes a specific tool to create a cutout. This process may be the first step of a larger fabrication process or the only step. Modern methods of cutting advanced use machinery to produce precision cuts. Some examples of modern cutting processes include laser, water jet, power scissors, and plasma arc cutting. These processes can be extremely efficient and result in repeatable forms that can be used across various industries.


Shrink-fitting is another process that is common in the metal fabrication industry. In this process, a mold is inserted into a piece of metal to create a specific shape. This process is also used for bending and shaping sheet metals. Many types of pliers are made using this method. Depending on the size of your project, you can also use a specialized tool to bend the metal.

Extrusion and folding:

Extrusion and folding are also common types of metal fabrication processes. In these processes, a piece of metal is sliced or shaped into smaller pieces. Unlike some other processes, shearing cuts both sides of the metal sheet. Usually, a long sheet of metal is cut by a vertical tool. The cut is made at the end of the piece. You can also use plasma torches or CNC lasers to cut the metal.


Often, the first step of a fabrication process is cutting. This process involves cutting a piece of metal into sections. Traditional cutting methods include hammering and sawing, while more advanced techniques use lasers and water jets to cut thicker materials. If you’re looking for precision in your work, digital die-cutting can be a great choice. Aside from these, digital die-cutting also helps make precision parts so that you can save money on labor.

These are some common processes but punching is most famous type of metal-fabrication process. It involves forming a hole with a punch and a die. Both the die and the punch should be the same size or shape. This is similar to hammering for a punch, but it uses the same process, which can make a huge difference.